Learn to Skate 101 - Scottsdale - December 15th, 2023

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Hockey 101: Learn To Play Hockey Program, is provided free of charge to ANYONE who would like to learn how to skate and play Ice Hockey.  Thru donations from like people like you we are able to purchase Ice times from Ice Venues around the US and Canada that we then make available to anyone who would like to come out and learn or practice their skills.  We typically have volunteer instructors and fellow hockey players on ice during these missions to assist new players with getting into gear for the first time and to provide help, instruction and advice on and off ice.  This is not a scheduled hockey game but rather an introduction to skating and hockey. We will on occasion play short scrimmages to introduce new players to the game as well. Again, these events are free for anyone who wants to attend, however we do always accept generous donations as well! See ya on the ice.

Cost: Free