Making "Hockey For Everyone" Possible


Making "Hockey for Everyone" Possible

Puckhead Hockey Club Charities (PHCC) is dedicated to Making "Hockey for Everyone" Possible. We are a Tax Deductible, Non-Profit 501(c)3 Charity. We know this sport changes lives and EVERYONE that would like to participate should have that opportunity! It is our Mission is to make that possible!

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One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome when getting started in ice hockey is cost. Working together we can reduce this barrier and help provide assistance to those that need it most. Puckhead Hockey Club Charities (PHCC) can't do it without YOU! There are many ways to get involved! Below you can learn about many of the opportunities currently available with PHCC.

If you have ideas for other ways to assist with our mission please contact us and share your thoughts! 

Donate Equipment

Puckhead Hockey Club Charities has been able to outfit hundreds of hockey players with both new & used gear received from Puckhead Hockey Club, Behind The Mask, existing hockey players & many other organizations and businesses. We have equipment drop box locations at most Ice Skating venues in the valley and we can arrange to pickup your donated gear.

Contribute and Sponsor

Corporate sponsorships are very helpful. Your business could sponsor an annual project, a specific event, or simply provide financial contribution to be used in many of our existing programs. Through your donation(s) we are able to offer financial assistance for new and returning hockey players to participate in the game of hockey.

PHCC Events

Puckhead Hockey Club Charities hosts various charity programs and fundraising events throughout the year.  Through contributions by generous supporters like you, we are able to continue our work and help make "Hockey for Everyone" possible. Click below to learn how you can donate to the cause, help volunteer or sponsor a specific event.